05 August 2010

Marriage! And photos!

We made it!  Six months of planning, a ton of love and fun, some stress and now it's all over.  Or just begun?  Thanks to everyone who joined us for the wedding or sent their best wishes on our big day.  We had a blast & hope everyone else had just as much fun.  

The honeymoon was also fantastic!  Denver is gorgeous and Glenwood Springs was phenomenal with its hot springs mineral pool, rafting, biking and cute little shops!  

We've crunched into my our apartment, which used to seem huge but is feeling pretty small these days.  We're on the hunt for a bigger place in our same beloved neighborhood of Ravenswood.  

The "kids" are adjusting pretty well for three old animals.  All three sat on the bed in relative peace with me last night while I churned out thank you notes.  Hopefully they'll continue to adapt at this pace and be besties by the time we move at the end of August.  We'll see!

The meat of this post? Photos!  Hundreds of photos have been posted by various friends and family from the wedding & associated festivities.  I've culled them all into one spot: http://picasaweb.google.com/earlepearls
(You can also just click the slideshow to the right!)

If you have photos to share, please give me a heads up and I'll let you into our picasa page to upload them directly!

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